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GSC018B  Prophecy - Rev. 6, Mt. 24

GSC019B  Beasts of Daniel and Revelation

GSC021B  The Two Trees #1

GSC022A  Don't Just Believe Me

GSC022B  Christ's Gospel Not Proclaimed

GSC023B  Born Again #1

GSC024B  Revelation 13,17; Daniel 7

GSC025B  God Will Intervene

GSC027B  Human Mind & God's Spirit

GSC028B  The Bible a Coded Book

GSC051A  Gospel Restored

GSC053A  Choose!

GSC053B  Forerunner Paving the Way

GSC060A  False Prophet

GSC060B  Understanding the Bible

GSC064A  God's Law

GSC064B  Conversion

GSC066A  WT Tryouts: HA,RA,GTA,HH,RM

HA070A Which day is the Christian Sabbath?

HA070B What is the New Covenant?

HA071A Which is the True Church?

HA071B Book of Revelation Opened

HA101A  True Conversion

HA101B  A Way of Life

HA102A  The Two Covenants, part 1

HA102B  The Two Covenants, part 2

HA103A  End Time Falling Away

HA103B  Blessings and Cursings

HA103C  Easter

HA105A  Choose Life

HA105B  Worthless Worship of Christ

HA106A  Church Prophesied in Our Time

HA110A  Truth is Revealed by God

HA200A  Can Man Heal?

HA200B  Man Changing Times and Seasons (short)

HA201A  We're Living in Serious Times

HA201B  Warning and Wonderful Message

HA202B  There is Only One Authority

HA203B  Revelation Unveiled At Last!

HA205A  A Staggering Turn in World Events

HA205B  The Future; People Don't Believe God (cut)

HA206A  Be Honest and Prove All Things

HA210B  Another Gospel

HA213A  Not Yet Born Again

HA213B  We Are to be God

HA215A  The Two Covenants

HA215B  U.S. in Biblical Prophecy

HA216B  By His Stripes We Are Healed

HA217A  The Great Tribulation

HA220A  The End of Man's Age

HA220B  Is Religion Practical?

HA222A  We Will Have World Peace

HA222B  Interview with Art Gilmore

HA227A  On the Eve of the World Tomorrow

HA227B  Christ Brought Division

HA228A  The Nation of the Jews - Jeremiah 31

HA228B  The Way Out of Your Troubles

HA230A  Where Has Jesus Been For 1900 Years?

HA230B  What is Jesus Doing Today? (11/17/81bad)

HA231A  Ezek 27 - Satan's Fall

HA234A  Russia in Prophecy

HA235A  Russia

HA236A  Satan In Today's News

HA236B  Prophecy For United States

HA237A  Jews Elsewhere Than Israel (12/30/80)

HA237B  Explosion at Sinai (12/29/80)

HA238A  Prophecy Says it is Coming (4/21/83)

HA239B  Great Pyramid

HA240A  Gospel of Christ

HA241B  Martyr Persecution

HA242A  Born Again - Kingdom Seen

HA242B  Sabbath Law - Tradition

HA243A  Woe to Sadducees & Pharisees

HA243B  Ezekiel 34

HA244A  Day of the Lord

HA244B  Christ Our High Priest

HA245A  Daniel

HA245B  Revelation

HA246A  Church History

HA246B  The New Roman Empire

HA247A  Jesus the Revelator

HA247B  Man is a Living Soul

HA248B  Philippines Speech

HA249A  John 3

HA249B  Missing Dimension

HA251B  Six Facets of Civilization

HA252A  Mankind Cannot Know God Yet

HA252B  Where is World Violence Leading?

HA253A  Why Were You Born? #1

HA253B  Where Did Christmas Come From?

HA254A  Jesus' Teachings Turned Upside Down

HA254B  Mankind Can Destroy Himself

HA255A  God Warns of a Future Babylon (3/7/1980)

HA257A  Satan's One World Government

HA257B  Intellectualism

HA258A  Why Worry About the Future?

HA260B  Believe What Christ Said

HA261A  What is Prophesied to Happen

HA262A  The Gospel of Jesus Christ

HA400C  Revelation Can Be Understood

HA406A  We Can Become God (beginning cut off)

HA406B  One Message of World Peace (cut off)

HA507A  The One True Church

HA509B  The Two Ways of Life

HA510A  Middle East in Prophecy

HA511A  Plain Truth About Christmas

HA514A  Why Were You Born? #3

HA514B  Why Were You Born? #4

HA515A  Why Were You Born? #5

HA515B  Why Were You Born? #6

HA516A  Why Were You Born? #7

HA516B  Why Were You Born? #8

HA517A  What Do You Mean Salvation?

HA518A  Jesus Came as King and Savior

HA519A  The Seven Churches of God; Pergamos

HA524A  Matthew 24

HA525A  Should We Use the Old Testament?

HA525B  Why God Permits Suffering (short tape)

HA526  Born Again #2

HA527A  The Tribulation (poor audio)

HA527B  The Days of Noah (short tape)

HA528A  The Gospel Must First Be Preached

HA529B  Repent and Obey

HA530A  A Prophet to the Nations, part 1

HA530B  Blessing and Cursing

HA531A  Bringing on Persecution

HA532A  Woe to the Pastors, part 1 (poor audio)

HA532B  Woe to the Pastors, part 2 (poor audio)

HA535B  Proof of a True Prophet

HA536  God Corrects Out of Love

HA537A  The Law Before Moses

HA537B  God Will Intervene

HA538A  God Can Foretell the Future

HA538B  We Don't Know God

HA539  Russia vs. Europe

HA540A  Falling Away, part 1

HA540B  Falling Away, part 2

HA541  True Church in History

HA542  Contending for the Faith

HA546  Jesus was a Newscaster

HA556  Prophecy

HA557  Prophecy - Jeremiah 50

HA559  What is Christ's Position Today?

HA560  History of the Church of God

HA561  Why Do We Need a Church?

HA562  We Will Have Utopia

HA563  Is Christ the Solution?

HA564  It's Absolutely Certain to Happen

HA565  Why Mankind's Poverty

HA566  Why Were You Born? #2

HA567  Human Nature

HA569  What Has Christ Been Doing?

HA570  Man After the God Kind

HA571  Only One True Church

HA572  Is There Anything to Religion?

HA573  Why The Flood?

HA574  The Church a Spiritual Organism

HA575  The Jews Are Not Israel

HA577  Why the Church?

HA578  Your Tremendous Future

HA579  We Must Trust God

HA1941A  1941 Radio Church Broadcast #1

HA1941B  1941 Radio Church Broadcast #2

HWA0002  The True Church

HWA0003  The Church in the Middle Ages

HWA0004  The Two Churches #1

HWA0005  The Two Churches #2

HWA0006  Smyrna & Pergamos

HWA0007  Pergamos & Thyatira

HWA0008  Sardis; Philadelphia; Laodicea

HWA0009  The Great Tribulation

HWA9849  Outline of Prophecy #1

HWA9807  Outline of Prophecy #2

HWA9508  Outline of Prophecy #3

HWA9509  Outline of Prophecy #4

HWA9510  Outline of Prophecy #5

HWA9875  Outline of Prophecy #6

HWA9809  Outline of Prophecy #7

HWA9876  Outline of Prophecy #8

HWA9879  Outline: Proving the Truth

HWA9880  Outline: Coming US Captivity - Why?

HWA9881  Outline: Coming Great Tribulation

HWA9882  Outline: Return from Captivity

HWA9883  Outline: Russia's Coming Attack

HWA9886  Outline: On Europe

HWA9888  Outline: Punishment of Modern Babylon

HWA9889  Outline: Escape from Great Tribulation

HWA9898  Heb: Answered Prayer

HWA9899  Heb: Man's Destiny

HWA9901  Heb: Salvation

HWA9906  Heb: Real Christianity

HWA9907  Heb: The Sabbath

HWA9910  Heb: Melchisedec

HWA9911  Heb: Christ  the Head of the Church

HWA9913  Heb: A New Priesthood

HWA9915  Heb: Salvation & Christ's Office

HWA9917  Heb: A New Covenant

HWA9919  Heb: Elijah

HWA9921  Heb: Faith

HWA9922  Heb: Juvenile Delinquency

HWA9924  Heb: Two Commissions

HWA9925  Heb: Angels

HWA9927  Heb: Chapt 13, Easter

RAD8021  What the True Church Will be Like

RAD8022  Born Again #3

RAD8023  Purpose Being Worked Out Here Below

RAD8024  Sermon on the Mount #1

RAD8025  Sermon on the Mount #2

RAD8026  Sermon on the Mount #3

RAD8027  Sermon on the Mount #4A

RAD8028  Sermon on the Mount #4B

RAD8029  Sermon on the Mount #5

RAD8030  The Ten Commandments

RAD8031  Spirit of the Law

RAD8032  Prayer

RAD8033  The Narrow Way

RAD8034  Law and Grace, part 1

RAD8035  Law and Grace, part 2 

RAD8036  The True Church Does God's Will

RAD8037  God's Plan and Why Men Suffer Now

RAD8038  God's Authority

RAD8039  Daniel 11

RAD8040  Christ's Authority Over Disease

RAD8041  The Bible and Christ's Authority

RAD8042  Essential Knowledge Only by Revelation

RAD8043  Law and Justification

RAD8044  USA and Britain in Prophesy

RAD8045  Sign of Jonah and Christ's Messiahship

RAD8046  Jonah's Sign

RAD8047  How to Search for Truth

RAD8048  Many Deceivers Preach in Christ's Name

RAD8049  The Parable of the Sower

RAD8050  Why Christ Used Parables

RAD8051  The Kingdom of God

RAD8052  Pagan Traditions and Christ's Parables

RAD8053  The Parable of the Tares

RAD8054  Christ's Parables, part 1

RAD8055  Christ's Parables, part 2

RAD8056  Why Wars and Suffering?

RAD8057  Healing and Christ's Garment

RAD8058  Healing and the Annointed Cloth

RAD8059  Healing

RAD8060  Healing and Your Faith

RAD8061  God's Message Rejected by Man

RAD8062  Christ's Message Rejected

RAD8063  How to Live by God's Law

RAD8064  Requirements for God's Kingdom

RAD8065  Man Rejects God's Way

RAD8067  Faith

RAD8068  The 5000 Wanted More Physical Food

RAD8069  Christ's Flesh

RAD8070  Some Offended By Christ's Message

RAD8071  The Religion of Judaism

RAD8072  Mr. Armstrong's Geneology

RAD8073  Christ's True Gospel

RAD8074  God's Time Table

RAD8075  Christianity is Mostly Pagan

RAD8076  Christ's Mission and Message #1

RAD8077  Resurrection or Heaven?

RAD8078  Christ's Mission and Message #2

RAD8079  Hades and Gehenna Explained

RAD8080  Matthew 18:15; Prayer

RAD8081  Matt.18; 21; Forgiveness & Repentence

RAD8082  The Feast of Tabernacles and God's Law

RAD8083  The Feast of Tabernacles #2

RAD8084  The Feast of Tabernacles #3

RAD8085  The Ten Tribes of Israel

RAD8086  John 8:1-16

RAD8087  John 8; Hebrews 1; Isaiah 8

RAD8088  Majority Don't Know Christ's Message

RAD8089  What Did Christ Teach?

RAD8090  What is the True Church Like? part 1

RAD8091  What is the True Church Like? part 2

RAD8092  What is the True Church Like? part 3

RAD8093  What is the True Church Like? part 4

RAD8094  John 8

RAD8095  Idolatry

RAD8096  What is True Spirituality?

RAD8097  Repentence; John 9

RAD8098  John 9-10; Healing

RAD8099  John 10; Ministers Condemned; Healing

T33A Understanding the Bible #1

T33B Understanding the Bible #2

T35A  One True Church

T36A  The Two Trees #2

T36B  U.S. in Prophecy

T37A  Apostasy Foretold.

T37B  Bitterness

T38A  A Form of Godliness

T38B  Choose!

T39A  Truth Restored

T39B  Called for a Duty

T40A  Tree of Life

T40B  Faith

T42A  Understanding

T42B  Understanding; Choose!

T43A  False Prophet

T43B  Understanding the Bible

T44A  Grace / License

T44B  False Gospels

T45A  Apostasy From Truth

T45B  Tribulation

T46A  Hebrews

T46B  Faith for Salvation

T50A  Law vs. Grace (early radio)

T74A  End Time Prophecies (10/13/43)

TWT1  Gospel of the Kingdom of God

TWT2  Prophecy - Rev 6, Matt 24

TWT17  What is Man?

TWT18  What is Life?

TWT19  In Which World Do You Live?

TWT20  The Human Mind & God's Spirit

TWT21  Did God Create a Devil?

TWT22  The Bible a Coded Book

TWT23  Is There Life After Death? #1

TWT24  Is There Life After Death? #2

TWT40  40th Anniverary World Tomorrow Program

TWT1002  Real Danger

TWT1005  Physical Promises to Ancient Israel

TWT2273A  Child Rearing

TWT2273B  Why Does God Permit Suffering?

TWT2011A  End Time - Jer. 31

TWT2011B  Education

TWT2219A  Easter Tradition - Jer 5-6

TWT2219B  Easter; Good Friday; Lent

TWT2080B  Roots of US and Britain

TWT2282A  What is the Kingdom?

TWT2181A  The Kingdom of God

TWT2181B  The Way of Escape; Watchman

TWT2174A  We are Saved by Jesus' Life

TWT2175A  Does God Want Us to be Miserable?

TWT2194A  Vanity / Self-esteem

TWT2194B  The Millennium

TWT2172A  Why Does God Allow Suffering? (1964)

TWT2340A  Animal Brain / Human Mind

TWT2173A  What is Man? (1965)

TWT2173B  Is Utopia Impossible?

TWT2171A  Who Will Rule Outer Space? (1965)

TWT2171B  The Holy Spirit. (beginning cut off)

TWT2279A  Matt 24; Rev 6; 5th seal

TWT2279B  Order of End-Time Events

TWT2215A  Jeremiah

TWT2192A  Born Again #4

TWT2170A  Knowledge from the Bible

TWT2170B  The Millennium  (1/31/65 bad)

TWT2276A  What is the Gospel - the Kingdom?

TWT2276B  Why Meet World Leaders?

TWT2198A  Jer 23; Idols; Pride; Conversion

TWT2191B  What is the True Church?

TWT2210A  Revelation - 6th Seal, 144 Thousand

TWT2187B  Passover vs. Easter