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Note on Viewing:  The documents on this web site require Adobe Acrobat Reader version 6.0 and above for viewing.  For fast viewing, make sure the "Display PDF in Browser" box in your Adobe Acrobat Reader is checked (this may slightly degrade images).  This box can be found under  Edit / Preferences / Internet or Options.  Displaying PDF files within your browser will allow downloading of one document page at a time for fast viewing.  Click on the logo below to get the latest free Adobe Acrobat Reader.  When installing the Reader you do not have to install the Photoshop software that comes with it (simply cancel out of that).



Note on Downloading:  Most of the documents on this web site are relatively large (10-50mb or more) and may require some time to download.  Best speeds are obtained with fiber-optic connections.  If you have a slower connection please be patient and wait for the files to download, or you may request our DVDs.


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