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Disclaimer:  The material presented on this page is believed to be consistent with the biblical teachings of HWA, and is included here as an aid to research. The HWA Searchable Library is not affiliated with, and does not necessarily endorse, any organization (or other teachings thereof) whose material is included here.




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A.C. Agriculture

Abortion, The Plain Truth About

Ascent to Greatness (R.McNair 1976)

Against the Gates of Hell (S.Rader 1980)

Autobiography of Herbert W. Armstrong, Vol.I (text)

Autobiography of Herbert W. Armstrong, Vol.II (text)

Babylon Mystery Religion (R.Woodrow 1981)  

Bible and Archaeology 1-12 (ucg)

Bible and Archaeology 13-24 (ucg)

Bible Study Course - FREE Disc Offer (link)

Bible: Byzantine Priority Summary (age v majority)

Bible, Defending the King James

Bible: Design of the Holy Scripture (E.Martin)

Bible: Is the Bible True? (ucg)

Bible, King James Version

Bible, KJV with Strong's Concordance  (link)

Bible: Modern Bible Versions Omissions

Bible: The Case for Byzantine Priority (age v majority)

Bible, The Greek Texts of the

Bible, The Inspired Text of the (H.Hoeh lecture)

Bible: The New King James Version (should you use it?)

Bible: The Text of the New Testament (1958 AC paper)  

Bible Versions (which translation should you use?)

Bible: Westcott and Hort's Greek Text and Theory Refuted

Bible: Which Text - Which Foundation?

Born Again (ucg)

Calendar: 19-Year Time Cycles (cbcg)

Calendar and Exodus 34:22 (ucg)

Calendar Articles (wcg)

  God's Sacred Calendar

  Has Time Been Lost?

  Hebrew Calendar - Authoritative for God's Church Today!

  Prove God's Calendar Correct!

  Which is the Calendar Christ Used?

Calendar, Biblical Basis of the Sacred (OT)

Calendar, Biblical Basis of the Sacred (NT)

Calendar, Biblical Sabbaths & Holy Days (D.Roth 2014)

Calendar, Computing the Biblical (E.Martin)

Calendar Controversy, The Cancerous (cgg)

Calendar Doctrinal Statement, Hebrew (ucg)

Calendar, Hebrew: Is It Reliable? (coge)

Calendar: Holy Day Calculator (DOS program;F1=help)

Calendar, Noah's Flood and God's 

Calendar, Noah's Flood and God's  (link)

Calendar of Christ and the Apostles (cbcg)

Calendar: Should Christians Observe the New Moons (ucg)

Calendar Summary, Hebrew (ucg)

Calendar, The Truth About God's (tcog)

Calendar, Why We Use the Hebrew (cea)

Churches of Revelation (H.Hoeh transcript)

Compendium of World History, Vol.1 (H.Hoeh)

Compendium of World History, Vol.2 (H.Hoeh)

Crucifixion Could Not Have Occurred in 31 AD (D.Franklin)

Did Christ Reorganize the Church? (1939 GN article)

Electric Universe / Plasma Cosmology (videos)

Encyclopedia Britannica, 11th Edition

Evolution: Abiogenic Origin of Life - A Theory in Crisis

Evolution: A House Divided

Evolution - A House Divided

Evolution: Anti-Evolution Quotes

Evolution Articles (wcg)

  Can a Sabbath-Keeper Believe in Evolution?

  Dinosaurs Before Adam

  Evolution - Mysterious New Religion

  How Long Were the Days of Creation

  Scientists Prove Theory of Evolution False

  Some Fishy Stories - About an Unproved Theory (1971)

  Theory for the Birds (1971)

  Two Creations - Two Worldwide Floods

  Whale of a Tale, or The Dilemma of Dolphins and Duckbills! (1970)

  What Science Can't Discover About the Human Mind (1978)

  Over 80 additional articles (click and do a find/search for " evolution")

Evolution: Can Naturalistic Evolution Explain the Origin of Life on Earth

Evolution: Charles Darwin and the Fossil Record

Evolution, Creation or (ucg)

Evolution: Creative Development Thesis

Evolution: Critique of Early Stage Chemical Evolution Theories

Evolution, Debunking

Evolution: Doctors Dissent from Darwinism

Evolution: Does God Exist? (ucg)

Evolution: Entropy and Open Systems

Evolution Facts  (link)

Evolution: Fox Thermal Model of the Origin of Life

Evolution, Science v

Evolution: High Priest Reveals His Religion

Evolution: How Convinced Was Darwin?

Evolution: Intelligent Design  (videos)

Evolution: Is Atheism Against the Law?

Evolution is Religion - Not Science

Evolution: Is the Universe Electric?

Evolution: Origin of Conceptual Thought in Living Systems

Evolution: Rage Against God (link)

Evolution: Reasons an Evolutionary Origin of Life Is Impossible

Evolution: Scientific Dissent from Darwinism

Evolution: Summary of Scientific Evidence for Creation

Evolution, The Myth of Chemical

Evolution: Theories on the Origin of Biological Order

Evolution: There is a God (link)

Evolution: Thermodynamics and the Origin of Life (Part I)

Evolution: Thermodynamics and the Origin of Life (Part II)

Evolution, Thermodynamics, and Entropy

Evolution: Universality of the Second Law

Evolution: Unlocking the Mystery of Life (DVD)

Evolution, Unmasking

Evolution: Why Abiogenesis is Impossible

Evolutionism, Thermodynamics vs.

Evolutionists, Quotes by Famous

First 2500 Years of Human History

Fundamental Doctrines of the Church of God

Fundamental Doctrines (cards)

Generations Chart (1965)

God: Did the Savior Pre-exist?

God: He Walked Among Us (link)

God: Jesus Christ - The Real Story (ucg)

God: Pre-existence of the Messiah (link)

God: Unitarianism Proven False (Buzzard-Hunting book)

God and Christ, The Nature of (ucg)

God is a Family (cogcf)

God Still Works Miracles Today (1982)

God's Nature Articles (wcg)

  Is Jesus God?

  What It Means To Be Equal With God

  What Was Jesus Before His Human Birth?

  Who-What-Was Jesus Before His Human Birth? (1953)

  Who-What-Was Jesus Before His Human Birth? (1972)

God's Temple in Prophecy (L.Neff)

Handbook of Church History (D.Blackwell thesis)

Harmony of the Gospels (F.Coulter 2006)

History of the Church of God (R.Kelly)  

History of the Church of God-7th Day (John Kiesz)

History of the True Religion (Dugger & Dodd)

How Often Must We Eat Unleavened Bread?

HWA: End-Time Strong-Armed Elijah (R.McNair)

HWA: Failed Predictions Affirm HWA Was a TRUE Prophet!

HWA: Genealogy of Herbert Armstrong

HWA: Herbert W Armstrong Did NOT Commit Incest!

HWA: Is There a True Church Organization? (G.G.Rupert 1919)

HWA: Just What is an Apostle? (cogiw)

HWA Letters 1934-1986 (searchable text)

HWA: Mysterious End-Time Elijah (R.McNair)

HWA: Was Herbert Armstrong a False Prophet? (cgg)

Importance of Keeping the Holy Days & Sabbath (H.Hoeh)

Incredible History of God's True Church

Is a Conspiracy Responsible for America's Decline?

Is Christianity a Fraud?

Is God a Trinity (ucg)

Josephus, The Complete Works of (AC Index)

Josephus, The Complete Works of

Judah's Sceptre and Joseph's Birthright (J.H.Allen)

Key to Northwest European Origins (R.McNair 1963)

King David's Everlasting Dynasty (R.McNair)

Last Great Day (Jn.7:37)

Last Great Day (R.Fahey sermon 4-28-14)

Marriage & Divorce (May 14, 1974 letter)

Middle East: Seeing the World Through Islamic Eyes (PT article)

Middle East: Solving the Arab-Israeli Impasse (R.McNair)

Middle East in Bible Prophecy (ucg)  

Middle East in History and Prophecy (R.McNair)

Middle East in Prophecy (lcg)

Middle East in Prophecy (wcg)

Miscellaneous Articles (.zip file)

MPC Master Literature Index (by code)

MPC Master Literature Index (by subject)

New Covenant: Does it Abolish God's Law? (ucg)

New-World News

Night to be Much Observed (J.Ritenbaugh 1994)

Night to be Much Observed (W.Stenhouse 2006)

Noah’s 365 Days in the Ark (H.Jens 2011)

Noah's Ark & Early Man (link)

Origin of Medical Science

Parallel Greek New Testament (link)

Parallel Hebrew Old Testament (link)

Passover - 14th or 15th? (PGR)

Passover: Discerning the Lord's Body

Passover in Your Own Home

Passover of Exodus 12 (ucg)

Passover of Exodus 12 Appendix (ucg)

Passover, The Christian (F.Coulter 2010)

Passover, The New Testament (ucg)

Pentecost and its Observance (ucg)

Pentecost Study Material (Sunday v Monday)

Pentecost: Wave Sheaf Offering

Philo, The Works of

Plain Truth About the Protestant Reformation (R.Meredith thesis)

Plain Truth About the Protestant Reformation (PT articles)

Preparing for the Ministry (1975)

Prophecy Speaks (E.A.Rowell 1933)

Radio Church of God Letters (1955-1961)

Rice's Notebook, Mr.

Roman Catholic & Protestant Confessions About Sunday

Rome's Challenge - Why Do Protestants Keep Sunday?

Seven Churches (G.G.Rupert 1919)

Supreme Court Fools (ucg)

Systematic Theology Project (STP 1978)

Third Tithe Assistance (1984)

True History of the Early Christian Church (R.Kelly thesis)

Truth About Drugs & Vaccines

Two Babylons (A.Hislop)

Various Ministerial Policies (1981)

Various WCG Reprints (.zip file)

Wake Up America! (audio)

Waldensians (D.Blackwell 1974)

WCG Marriage Ceremony (1984)

Wolverton Artwork